Thursday, June 24, 2010

UWC has improved its SmartWay Score!

In 2009, UWC joined the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) SmartWaySM Transport Program. SmartWaySM is an innovative collaboration between the EPA and the freight sector. By joining, UWC is showing that we are committed to promoting greater energy efficiency and air quality within the freight transport sector. As a Carrier & Logistics Partner, we are assisting our drivers in making better choices for their businesses and the environment.

UWC has joined to SmartWaySM Transport Partnership as a Logistics Partner for three years, and by doing so has committed to increasing the percentage of freight shipped by SmartWaySM Carriers by at least 10% per year. We report our progress towards this goal to the EPA annually.

United World Cargo has just completed the report from our previous year, and are happy to announce that we have increased our score by 1300% over the year before!!! We have been told by the EPA SmartWaySM Transport Program that we are well on track with an improving score year after year, and that they look forward to our future reports!

Call UWC today to see how you too can join SmartWaySM; committing to improving freight carrying options will result in reduced fuel consumption and maintenance costs! It's good for you, your company, and the environment!

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