Thursday, August 26, 2010

Communication with UWC

Communication is one of the most important components of any load. UWC has taken the following measures to ensure that we have numerous communication options available for our Customer and Carrier partners:

  • We have a TOLL FREE Customer dedicated line: 1.877.273.7470, and a TOLL FREE Carrier dedicated line: 1.877.273.7400 - both these lines can be called from anywhere in the United States or Canada.
  • We have a TOLL FREE Fax Line: 1.866.986.7401 that can be used from anywhere in the United States or Canada; or even better, use our new TRANSFLO express program! It is completely FREE to use from over 775 truckstop locations across the United States.
  • We also have several phones with Nextel service that can be used to contact UWC anywhere in the United States, Canada, or Mexico. Call us today for our Nextel information!!!
  • Along with individual e-mail addresses, we have a customer dedicated email address:, that is forwarded to all UWC Account Managers; and a carrier dedicated email address: that is forwarded to all members of UWC's Carrier Relations Department.
  • Our office is staffed 7 days a week: Mon-Fri from 6am to 6pm, Sat-Sun 7am to 4pm PST.
  • Outside of office hours, all office phone calls are forwarded to an on-call dispatcher who is available to take calls anytime.

Communication with Customers, Carrier companies and their drivers is a daily commitment of UWC. This commitment is especially critical if there is an issue on a load. UWC needs to be made aware of any issues on loads (for example, breakdowns) immediately so that we can take the appropriate action, update our Customer, and find the best possible solution for all parties involved.

Remember, communication is the key to success!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Maintenance Tips for Drivers

Maintaining your truck and keeping your equipment in good order will keep you and others safe on the road, which is becoming a topic of increasing importance and government focus in light of CSA 2010. Maintaining your truck also keeps operating costs down and your Carrier rating with UWC in good standing!!!!

Basic daily procedures should be performed at the start of every trip. They include checking tires, lights, turn signals, and hazard flashers to ensure all in in good working order.

What constitutes "routine maintenance"?

Regular preventative maintenance is the best way to reduce operating costs - sudden mechanical breakdowns are often expensive and can in most cases be avoided by routine truck and trailer maintenance. Check the vehicle's manual for the manufacturer's recommendations for maintenance. Pay special attention to items such as:
  • Brakes
  • Steering
  • Tires
  • Mirror and any features that allow you to be able to see clearly
  • Windshield washers and wipers
  • Steps, walk boards or ladders
  • Pneumatic or hydraulic hoses, outriggers, lift gates, hoists, or other material handling features.
  • Headboard racks and load attachment points (hooks and winches).

Remember... It's what on the inside that counts too

The inside of the trailer also requires routine maintenance and inspection. Pay special attention to the following:

  • Temperature control unit and temperature monitoring devices - must be calibrated and accurate.
  • Refrigeration air delivery chutes
  • Trailer's insulation through walls, ceiling, doors, and floors - the trailer must be airtight!
  • Floor grooves and drains - must be free of debris, cracks, and holes.

In conclusion

Maintenance that is routine and preventative is the best type to ensure success upon deliveries and reduce a carrier's exposure to claims and/or additional charges. So take care of your truck, trailer, and yourself, inside and out!!!

Do you have any maintenance tips of your own? Please feel free to share!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

"Mix It Up" Campaign!!!

What is "Mix It Up"?

"Mix it Up" is a campaign and marketing initiative targeted at helping Canadians of all ages eat more fruits and vegetables. It focuses on simple and piratical ways to add variety to your fruit and vegetable diet. The CMPA (Canadian Produce Marketing Association), the Heart and Stroke Doundation, and the Canadian Cancer Society are just some of the great associations that are supporting this cause!

Mix it up for your health

Below are some of the reasons as to why fruits and vegetables are so healthy for us all:

  • They may help to reduce the risk of some types of cancer
  • They help keep bones strong
  • They help keep digestive systems regular
  • They are low in calories and fat, and rich in the good stuff like fibre, and full of crucial nutrients such as Vitamin C and A, potassium, and magnesium
  • They can help protect against many diseases such as stroke and heart disease (through the presence of compounds called phytochemicals)

How to mix it up:

There are many ways to include a many fruits and vegetables in your diet, to increase consumption and create variety:

  • fruit smoothies make a great breakfast and can be made with a large variety of fruits and veggies
  • keep salad ingredients on hand: sliced carrots, mushrooms, red peppers, bagged greens, and sliced strawberries are all great choices!
  • buy fresh produce, like bananas or nectarines, in varying degrees of ripeness - this allows for some ripening towards the end of the week.

These are just some of the great ideas available in order to mix it up. For more information, visit the "Mix it Up" website at

Remember, eat it up, mix it up and enjoy all your fruits and veggies!!!


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