Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pallet Configuration in Reefer Units

Proper trailer loading and pallet configuration is critical to successful deliveries. Trailer pallet configuration and loading specification can affect the temperature of the product inside the reefer, and subsequently, can affect temptale recorder readings. Trailer loading and pallet configuration becomes even more critical when the outside air temperature rises.

Centerline vs. Wall Loading
A trailer can be either centerline loaded, or wall loaded. Centerline loading prevents heat conduction between the trailer wall and the product as it creates a gap between the wall and the product where air can flow to remove heat that penetrates the wall.
Below, an example of a trailer that has been centerline loaded and the recorder reading this produces:

A trailer that is wall loaded will permit heat to be conducted through the walls and into the product.

Below is an example of a wall loaded trailer and the recorder reading this produces:

Produce loads should not be wall loaded, as this will affect pulp temperatures and recorder readings. To ensure success in deliveries, all produce loads should be centerline loaded.

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