Thursday, December 2, 2010

Updates on CSA 2010

There have been some updates and news on the CSA 2010 front that we would like to share with our Customer and Carrier partners.

The first piece of news is that the FMCSA has announced some CSA Safety Measurement System (SMS) improvements. At the end of this past summer, the FMCSA began providing Carriers with information about where they stand in each of the new CSA BASICs (Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories); the information was based on inspection data and investigation findings. Based on feedback and analysis from the Data Preview period, the FMCSA will roll out the new SMS to the nation in December with the following revisions in place:
  • Modifications to the presentation of SMS BASIC results - the term "Deficient" will be changed to "Alert" when a motor carrier's score in one or more of the BASICs is above the FMCSA threshold for intervention. The highlight color will also be changed from red to orange. Thirdly, there will be improvements to the language to clarify that BASIC results signify the carrier is prioritized for an FMCSA intervention.

  • Modifications to the Cargo-Related BASIC - the Cargo-Related BASIC will be recalibrated by adjusting the cargo securement violation severity weightings based on input from subject matter experts. The public display will be modified for this BASIC to show violations only. The percentiles and intervention status will no be on public display.

Along with these two adjustments, the FMCSA agency is also conducting additional analysis to further understand the impact on the different industry segments of a carrier's exposure in various BASICs. During this analysis period, the results from the BASICs measurement will continue to be an effective intervention prioritization tool for enforcement personnel based on sound safety principles.

Also in CSA 2010 news, the national roll out has now been slated to occur no earlier than December 12, 2010, despite reports that may state the contrary.

If you would like further information or news regarding the fast approaching nationwide implementation of CSA 2010, please visit the CSA website at or feel free to contact UWC!!!

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