Thursday, February 10, 2011

Did you know??? You can keep more of your money – Just use TRANSFLO!!

In the truck driving industry, there are many periphery operating costs that can add up and amount to hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year. One of these costs is faxing/sending paperwork. Many truck stops and other companies you work with may charge up to $2.50 per page to fax or send paperwork. Now, think about how many pages a year you fax while on the road?? That sure can add up, and many drivers and carrier companies have probably often thought that there should be more options to be able to send their paperwork for free. Well, now there is!!

United World Cargo has partnered with TRANSFLO to offer you a TRANSFLO ExpressTM Program!!! Wait, that’s not even the best part – it is completely free for all our drivers and carriers!!!! There is the potential to save hundreds of dollars a year, and cut down your operating costs just by using this free faxing service to send paperwork to UWC.

The TRANSFLO Express system operates out of several major truck stop networks at over 775 truck stops across the United States – what’s more, you are guaranteed to find the system at ANY pilot or Love’s location. It is a FREE and easy service to use that will allow you to send your documents (border paperwork, bills of lading, receipts and invoices, to name a few) directly to UWC and get immediate confirmation that the documents have been sent.

To use the program, UWC has created a “tripsheet”, available in English and Spanish. These tripsheets work similarly to fax cover pages, and allow UWC to process and organize incoming paperwork fast and more efficiently. There are a few ways you can obtain a tripsheet: 1) It is available to download off our website, under the “Carriers” section; 2) You can pick it up at TC Trans in Blaine, WA; 3) Or simply contact UWC and we will send them directly to you!

Want to use our Free TRANSFLO ExpressTM service but don’t have a tripsheet handy? Simply provide the cashier at the truck stop with UWC’s Fleet ID (also known as our SCAC Code) – it is UWCL.

Keep more of your money in your pocket!! Use the UWC TRANSFLO Express TM Program today!!!

Have you been using this service with us already? Do you have any comments or suggestions for improvements?

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