Thursday, January 13, 2011

Checking the Temperature - UWC's Payment Terms

Did you know….

United World Cargo has some of the best Carrier Payment Terms in the industry!!! Our terms are flexible and have been designed to save you money, and offer favorable additional benefits!

We offer various payment method options in order to suit our Carrier partners’ specific requirement. Choose the option that best suits your cash flow needs:

Check – paper checks that are sent by regular mail on Net 7 day terms.
Factor – if you are a Carrier Company who factors their invoices, please remember to provide us with your Factoring Company’s name and address. Or better yet, sign up for UWC’s Quick Pay – get paid in almost the same manner as if you factored and eliminate the hassle of 3rd party billing!!!
Direct Deposit – secure and efficient. All you need to do is provide us with your bank details and we can have your invoices paid directly in to your bank account!

We truly believe our payment terms are one of the best out there. We offer the following:

Quick Pay – Our Quick Pay terms are better than ever!! The terms for this service are now 1.5% of Net funds due, and you get paid within 72 hours of delivery!!!**
7 Days – This is UWC’s standard payment terms. You get paid in 7 days after delivery and there are no fees for this service!!! **

** Provided an invoice and all bills of lading have been received, are signed clean, and no claims are outstanding.

Need a change?

If you are an existing or new Carrier partner who would like to revise or advise us of your preferred method of payment and payment terms, please visit our website at and download the PDF form. Send your completed form to “Attention: Carrier Relations Department” at fax: (604) 986-7401, toll free: (866) 986-7401, or email: A Carrier Relations Representative will contact you within 2 to 4 hours of receipt to inform you of your payment terms status.

What do you think?

Now, we want to check the temperature with our Carriers by asking the following questions:

 How would you rate UWC’s payment terms?
 How do we compare with what else is out there in the marketplace?
 Do you have any comments or suggestions regarding our payment terms?

We encourage you to leave a comment, any suggestions and recommendations will be reviewed!!! This is the first in our series on "Checking the Temperature" - stay tuned for more!!

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