Thursday, April 7, 2011

How To.. Pre-Load Equipment Check

Today, we look at an excerpt from UWC’s Carrier Loading Guidelines. UWC introduced the first version of the Guidelines back in 2007 (wow, time flies when you're driving the road ahead!); they were designed to assist drivers in the proper procedures for the pre-loading, loading, in transit, and delivery stages of transporting goods. They reference many points that are established USDA and DOT standards for the protection of perishable foods during transport.

The first section that the guideline walks through is the Pre–Load Equipment Check stage. This stage is critical in preparing the driver and the refrigerated trailer. Below is the Pre-Load Equipment Checklist:

 Mandatory tools: pulp temperature thermometer (electronic recommended), pen, notepad, and cell phone (camera function recommended).

 Trailer length, height width, and empty weight adequate for the specifications of the load.

 Load locks or other devices available to secure load – 3 to 6 must be used.

 The refrigeration unit’s temperature control unit (thermostat) and temperature monitoring devices (thermometers) and all related electronics must be calibrated and accurate.

 Refrigeration air delivery chutes must be installed and attached properly, intact, and free of any restrictions, rips, or tears.

 Trailer’s insulation throughout the walls, ceilings, doors, and floors must be intact so that the trailer door seals in good condition and door seals tightly when closed.

 Walls free of cracks or holes.

 Inside of trailer: floor grooves and drains clear of obstacles, clean and odor free to ensure proper air flow out of the refrigeration unit, around the load, and back to the unit.

 Check fluids and test run the refrigeration unit by pre-cooling the trailer to ensure all residual heat inside the trailer walls, floor and ceiling is eliminated.

The objective with our Guidelines is to protect you. And we are confident that adhering to guide will increase your level of success for the safe and timely delivery of goods, and prevent your exposure to claims and other additional costs. Visit our website and download a copy of the full Guidelines Brochure, or visit our driver information board TC Trans in Blaine WA and pick one up today!!

How have our Carrier Loading Guidelines helped you? Has it changed your operations in any way? Any suggestions on how to make them better in our next version?


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