Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Power of the Pen

UWC wants to take an opportunity to get back to basics and reinforce the power of the pen. Documentation is critical in our industry, and can provide one of the best proofs available when issues arise upon delivery.

Below, some key points to remember regarding documentation:

- Double check pulp temperatures, pallet & case counts, product descriptions, and temptale serial number(s) – if what is being loaded in the trailer is different from what is listed on the bill of lading (BOL) regarding any of these areas, contact UWC, and record all discrepancies on the BOL.

- Record any visible physical issues that occur at loading on the BOL; this includes things such as leaning pallets, damaged boxes, and crushed cases.

- Record “Shipper Load and Count” / “Receiver Unload and Count” on the BOL if you are not allowed access to a loading/receiving dock to count pallets, pulp product, and observe the overall loading/unloading of your trailer!!!!

- Record your UWC load # on the Bills of Lading and other documentation that is sent to UWC for payment (use Transflo EXPRESS to send any type of documents to UWC at over 750 national truckstops for FREE). This will assure that your paperwork gets processed and paid as fast as possible!!!

We are now on the last day of Roadcheck 2011 - do you have any experiences to share from this year's blitz???

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