Thursday, July 14, 2011

Calling All Drivers!!!

How Your Camera Phone Can Help You

These days, it is standard for most cellular phones to be equipped with a camera. This is definitely one of the most critical tools available for a driver. Below, we outline some key ways that a camera phone can be used to protect a driver, and reduce the occurrence of claims and additional charges.

Photos of trailer condition inside, prior to pickup – take a photo of the inside of your trailer prior to product being loaded at a shipper; this provides evidence of the condition of the trailer. Be reminded that as per UWC’s Carrier Loading Guidelines, the following should be observed: floor grooves and drains clear of obstacles, clean and odor free to ensure proper air flow out of the refrigeration unit, around the load, and back to the unit. The best way to prove that this is the case is to take a photo!

Photos of trailer once product has been loaded – whenever possible, take a photo of trailer with the back doors open once the product has been loaded. This will confirm the condition of the product prior to transit. This can greatly protect a driver if there are leaning pallets, crushed boxes, broken pallets, and any other product-related issues that may affect a clean BOL upon delivery. Any issues should be communicated to UWC immediately with photos sent as verification. UWC will then forward these photos to all interested parties, and advise on any actions required. It is recommended that a photo is taken at each pickup.

In-Transit – Use your camera phone to document any accidents or required repairs while in transit.

Photos at delivery – a camera phone is a useful tool upon delivery; it can be used to document and verify and actual product/cargo damages and any trailer damages that may occur at receiver’s warehouses.

Tomato Loads – A color report is MANDATORY for all tomato loads hauled under UWC. Drivers will be required to provide daily color reports. A minimum of 3 boxes of all sizes must be reported on.

Need help on how to use your camera phone while on the road?? Call us and we can help find the best way for you to get photos to UWC!

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