Thursday, July 28, 2011

Money Talks

Are you new to driving with UWC? If you are, or even if you have been partnered with us for some time now, we thought it would be a good time to review our methods of payment, and payment terms!

UWC has some of the best payment terms in the refrigerated produce transportation industry!! They are flexible, and have been designed to save you money and offer favorable additional benefits. Cost savings and perks, what could be better??!!

Methods of payment:

We have been committed to offering various payment methods for years now, in order to suit our Carrier partner’s specific requirements. You can choose the option that best suits your cash flow needs:

- Check: we issue paper checks that are sent by regular mail on net 7 day terms.
- Factor: if you are a Carrier Company who factors their invoices, please remember to provide us with your Factoring Company’s name and address. Or better yet, sign up for UWC’s Quick Pay – get paid in almost the same manner as if you factored and eliminate the hassle of 3rd party billing!!!
- Direct Deposit: UWC’s direct deposit payment program is secure and efficient. All you need to do is provide us with your bank details and we can have your invoices paid directly in to your bank account!!!

Payment Terms:

- Quick Pay: UWC’s Quick Pay terms are our best yet! The terms for this service are now 1.5% of Net funds due, and you get paid within 72 hours of delivery!!!** Note that Quick Pay is only available via direct deposit method of payment.
- 7 Days: This is UWC’s standard payment term. You get paid in 7 days after delivery and there are no fees for this service!!**

** Provided an invoice and all bills of lading have been received, are signed clean, and no claims are outstanding.

Remember, when you send your invoices in, you need to include an invoice page or our UWC carrier confirmation page, along with all signed Bills of Lading. Want an added benefit? Use our TRANSFLO Express program, and send your invoice paperwork to us for FREE!!!

We know money talks and cash flow is an integral part of our industry! So we want to know, how do you find our methods of payment and payment terms???

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