Thursday, October 27, 2011

First Mexican Truck Crosses into US, Tariffs Dropped

The produce industry has celebrated the news that Mexico has officially lifted tariffs that have amounted to more than $900 million of US agricultural products since 2009; this helps to settle a costly dispute over the Mexican trucking pilot program. We discussed this topic back in a post in April; as a review, Mexico is the United States third largest trading partner, and the Mexican tariffs were imposed after years of disputes over a provision in the NAFTA that allowed Mexican long haul trucker to enter US highways in 2000. When US congress blocked funding for the program, the dispute was set into motion.

The first Mexican truck crossed the US border on Friday, Oct 21, 2011 as part of the new cross-border trucking pilot program between the Mexico and the United States. The truck crossed the Rio Grande at the Laredo point of entry, and was bound for Garland, TX. Earlier that Friday, Mexico lifted the remaining tariffs on 99 U.S. products that are exported to Mexico.

With this new pilot program, Mexican approved carriers will be able to operate in the United States for up to 3 years, and similarly, US carriers can operate throughout Mexico for the same time period.

This momentous event means that for many US growers, a greater opportunity for increase in volume exports, and possibly product price increases.

Have any comments on the new pilot program and the elimination of the tariffs? Please share!

Mexico Drops Tariffs as first Mexican Truck Roll over to US border. Accessed on 10/27/2011.

In other news….

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Phantom Produce!!

Halloween is almost here, and to celebrate, we are having our 2nd annual office pumpkin carving contest. Stay tuned next week to see the winner!!!!

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