Thursday, October 20, 2011


October: the start of Fall, and for the refrigerated produce industry in North America, the time when produce starts transitioning to ship out new areas. UWC closely follows these transitioning trends, as it allows us to plan for lanes and anticipate truck demand. So, let’s look at 4 full truckload products and how they are transitioning.

Avocadoes: The season in California has concluded. Mexico inventories have been noted as lower due to heavy rains halting the harvest at the end of last week. Weather in this region has improved, and harvest should increase by the end of this week. In particular, movement from crossings through Texas are expected to increase.

Cucumbers: In the Baja, light production has continued throughout this week; many growers have moved through the flush of new field crop. Some early production has started out of mainland Mexico, with crossings through Nogales expected to increase seasonally, and crossings from Otay Mesa, CA expected to decrease slightly. Light shipments have also begun out of the Central and South Florida districts, with sufficient volume expected by the end of October.

Bell Peppers: The California Central Valley and Oxnard district crops are beginning seasonal decline, with overall volumes set to drop. Green bell peppers will begin out of the California Desert/Coachella Valley lightly starting next week. No real volume is expected until mid-November. The supplies of colored bells remains good, but are starting their seasonal decline. Mexico crossings through Arizona are expected to arrive the week of Oct 24th, with reportable volumes expected by mid-November.

Tomatoes: Growers and shippers in the San Joaquin Valley, California are in their last couple of weeks of harvest. Most product is still coming out of this area, along with the California Coast, and some Mexico Crossings through Otay Mesa, California. Demand is set to shift to the East by the end of October, with light harvesting set to start at that time in West and Central Florida.

Stay tuned for more news/transition updates!! Have any insight to share? What is the best way you plan for these transitions??


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