Thursday, October 6, 2011

Newsflash!!! Shields Up!!!!

UWC increases its TIA Surety Bond to $100,000!!!
The TIA Performance Certified Program is an industry recognized Best Practices program of the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) with guaranteed levels of freight payment. The Program offers a competitive advantage to transportation brokers and provides a guarantee of payment in excess of the $10,000 surety bond that is required by the FMCSA to conduct business as a licensed broker. There are five levels of surety bonds that are offered by the TIA; $10,000, $25,000, $50,000, $100,000 and $250,000. UWC is now ahead of the curve with the $100,000 bond designation!

In the dynamic freight marketplace, carriers, shippers, and customers must have the confidence that they are dealing with the most financially stable brokers in the market. The TIA Performance Certified program is the shield and guarantee that UWC is going above and beyond to provide security.

So, what are some key points of the program?

• The shield recognizes UWC as an industry elite. Less than 1% of brokers, forwarders, and others 3PLs are performance certified.

• The TIA Performance Certified Program is among the leaders in the 3PL industry, and as a part of the program, UWC practices leading professional standards of business operations while maintaining guarantees protecting freight.

• The Program is independent. It is neither part, nor dependent on the past collection experience of a factoring company or freight board.

• TIA has been the industry’s voice since 1979! It is the only broker/bond trust program that is run by brokers! Any profits of the program go back to support the Association.

Improvement of Credit score – TransCredit (an independent agency rating brokers) awards UWC 3 extra points for being a TIA Performance Certified company that holds at $100,000 bond.

• The program allows us to stand out from the crowd! Only TIA Performance certified companies are recognized for their guaranteed broker trust and voluntarily increased trust amounts on every load major internet load board! Check out our diamond broker member status on the Internet Truckstop!!!!

What are characteristics does UWC hold that make it Performance Certified?

• Dedicated to the highest level of ethics, and adopts strict best practices by adhering to Program rules.

• Maintains a credit score of 90% or above.

• Uses written agreements.

• Maintains insurance coverage.

• Maintains a verified broker bond.

• Maintains a written carrier qualification framework.

• Maintains higher levels of bond issued by TIA Surety and Avalon Risk Management.

This program is one of many steps that allows us to drive the road ahead!!!! We want to wish all our Canadian followers a happy Thanksgiving weekend!!!!!

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